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Dem Old Vidjo's 

I've made the link to the video's that i've uploaded into work now and added another one i made a while back. They're all pretty shite but its fun making them and putting ridng to tune's that you mightnot neceserily(?) hear in a bmx vid. Alex Senkus(pictured right riding along the corner of a ledge) has made a few too with quite a bit of the same footage but they are tons better. Made on imovie intsead of microsoft moviemaker and a bit more thought gone into the editing so maybe i'll post them up some time too if he lets me. The links are down ther somewhere under the pic of the ripples in The Victoria dock. Bye

last weekend 

Backyard was pretty off the hook with pro's and "expert" riders sending themselves. Prettyt much all the riders in the finals took it hard a good few times Morgan Wade bailed out of some wild transfer and fell along way to the flat but stretched oput all catlike and somehow got away with it, carring on to tie in highest air with bas keep. Gary young did the line and a few more to get the win and snickers cash i could kep going on but i wo'nt. It seemed like every pro i've ever thought i'd wanna emulate their riding was there and it had every thing including a bunnyhop contest which my mate george did pretty well in, staying in untill the 41" mark. There was some hench english dude with bright orange forks who looked like he could clear his own head height. He had removed his seat gain a little advantage but just clipped the bar at 44" and Seth Kimborough cleared it nice. There were something like 90 odd pro's and 106 ameteur riders which is rediclulous so Grotbags was obviously a bit delirious by the end of the weekend, and the crowd were getting antsy in the pantsie during practice on the sunday so a few of the freebee snickers were getting an airing. When it was all over best trick being the last event and everyone had beat the crap out of themselfs especially beringer, they had the prize giving which was kinda odd cos they were filming the contest for the exreme cannel so everyone who made the podium got a camera and a mike pointed at them and were kinda expected to say a little bit, which was cool for the seasoned american comp riders i guess but the guy who won ametueur looked pretty scared of all.
Anyway i've waffled on for long enough here's a little vid of the clips i got with my digi camera from the stands and no i did'nt get garys gap to angled curved wall to whip gap or morgans scary bail, or even ben hennon pulling the truck to whip, cos its always better to see it with your own eyes than through the little screen on the back of my camera. CRAZY WEEKEND

Backyard Jam Video Clips 

Here are a few video clips from the jam, filmed by Antony Roberts at Seventies.

Clip 1
Clip 2
Clip 3


Gary Young
Morgan Wade
Ben Hennon

Peter Meakin
Jason Phelan
John Blundell

Morgan Wade (tie)
Bas Keep (tie)

Seth Kimbrough (44")

Dave Osato (over toothpick on top of the wallride)

nass 2006 

nass is going to be in the n.e.c. next year by the looks of things. at least there wont be the riots of this year.

Old video's 

I've discovered the pleasures of file hosting sites, i've put a couple of videos i made a when i first got my digi camera. I had no predjudice on the clips i used i just used all of em so...Theres another few to come. Yeah i know the first did'nt work at first but it does now so enjoy. and another and another

Backyard Jam Street Course 


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Some photographs 

Above are some photographs from st ives

i have got around to putting some photographs on the site. not having broadband has been a hassle. went to st ives last week with collage. we stayed there for 4 nights, the first night some weird guy walked in to the room me and a few mates were staying in and sat down and drank are drink at like 4 in the morning. the 2nd night someone got killed on the beach up the road, then on the wed evening we went to this bar and my mate nearly got started on by these 2 guys for dancing with this girl then the thursday we broke the door handle it was such a random week but a reall good one.

Some good photography websites to go on. and

Missing in Action 

Looks like the council or aliens have stolen the concrete vert in west Norwood park. Another great spot gone.

Here is a pic taken 3 weeks ago at the spot by Paul Evans.

Backyard Jam 

Backyard Jam next week, here’s a short video with highlights of last years jam...

The odd one out? 

South London Trails 

I had an email of Mark Limb today about some possible trails in London...

"We're in the process of sorting out some south london trails. All seems to be going pretty smoothly so far.

Found a great local spot, been semi approved by the council... we now just need to convince local residents (some of whom are on the local parks commitees) that its a good idea and that it would get a lot of good use.

I had the council visit the Burgh Heath trails last week and they loved them! So it seems that they are pretty much right behind us.

Anyway, Ive set up an online petition to get the ball rolling with names etc..."

Go on, do your bit.

Some other fairly busy trails...

Camera Gear 

The Nikon D70 has now been sold, cheers anyone that enquired about it. The Canon EF 15mm F2.8 Fisheye has now gone on to ebay. CLICK TO VIEW LENS ON EBAY


The lastest designs from TWOAND8 have now been added to the product pages. Go to the site and click on the product link to check em out. You can buy online if you like and its all via paypal so its safe as you like.

This is pretty interesting...

I dont have broadband 

i was just on some photographs of the new skatepark in bristol looks awsome. i have heard from some friends as well that it is a real good park. hopefully go there sometime when i have some money. i will upload some photographs soon

Free T-shirt? 

Snickers have collaborated with Eastpak to create a series of limited edition t-shirts designed by 5 leading skaters and BMXers, including Ali Cairns and Travis Collier.

The t-shirts are being given away at key Snickers events throughout the year and for those who can't make it down, you can also go online and register for one.

Source, Bexhill Jam 

Just had some news from Rich at the Source BMX shop about an event they're running later this month:

"We're putting on a jam on Wednesday Oct 26th (half term week) at the De La Warr Pavilion on Bexhill seafront - 4 miles from hastings. The skatepark has been built by Nick Vale and Fids and is free to ride/skate from 2pm onwards but bring a lid.

They'll be a pro-only session at around 3.30 for half an hour (they'll be a lot of top pros attending because of the Backyard Jam the weekend before and Sevenites being our neighbours - TBA nearer the time), giveaways, signings, bands, grafitti artists and then 2 video premieres projected on to the back of the building in the evening. They'll be a bar for the over 18's followed by a party (ask us for tickets) at the Ice Cube bar opposite our shop - which is a 2 minute walk from the event.

Check out to see the venue - it's the re-opening of a crazy art gallery and is going to be a treat. If you need anymore info, contact us at:

The Source, 32 St Leonards Road, Bexhill, TN40 1HT .

P.S All going well with the councill, the park will be re-located behind the first turn of Bexhill track after the event"

L;ets go 


Expert street has now SOLD OUT.

If you missed out on the Expert street entry, there are still places in the Pro category and you can also enter any combination of the extra contests, priced at £20 each. This years extra contests include the Etnies High Air and Snickers Highest Bunny Hop and Best Trick competitions. The first to take place is the Snickers Highest Bunny Hop on Friday afternoon, which will hopefully see a world record attempt to beat the current record of 1m 21cm made on a trial bike, with Etnies Highest Air and Snickers Best Trick contests held on Saturday and Sunday respectively.

S&M's Matt Beringer is now confirmed along with Chris Doyle, Ali Whitton, Chase Dehart, Robbie Morales, Ryan Barrett, Jim Cielincki, Will Love, Ryan Corrigan, Jeffrey Zielinski, Brian Kachinsky, Josh Stricker and Garrett Byrnes.

Backyard Jam - Brighton Centre, from 21 – 23 October 2005. Opening times: 10am to 7pm. Ticket prices pre booked/ on the door: Fri £6/ £8, Sat £8/ £10 and Sun £10/ £12.

Epsom Jam photos by Paul Dog 


Back to the streets i guess 

Oh yeah the bad news, stjoes's days are numbered kids have taken over trashing it all the time ,the college has left a huge gap in the fence so they all hang out there and use stjoes as the way into college. The kids have left the jumps, as far as i can see from when i screwed at them and told then i'd fucking kill them if they ride/touch them at all but i think railtrack are being forced to do something about it now cos today when i went down there, there was bobcat tracks down the slope it seems they could'nt get past the first large tree with it and have just solved the problem tempererley by putting barbed wire a bit higher along the fence line but the jumps have been sprayed with numbers like they do on the street when they need to level shite. Oh well i guess they've had a good run of it and its getting to be too much hassle with the local kids around the whole time. St joeS RIP

If you hav'nt heard 

Bay 66, what used to be playstation skatepark and is still known as plystn has been burnt pretty badly they're still open for buisness as about 2 3rds of the park is untouched. James Fairbank sent me a link to bikeguide that someone has posted pics of the desruction. Ahh what can they do its not gone completly and there were no casultys so the fucking scum lost, they've just just made their own enviroment look like a warzone untill it get's rebuilt, cos i'm in no doubt that its the local idiot kids who did it. Hoefully there's no serious damage to the flyover and what's been destroyed will get a fresh design to the rebuild. If your a local email your suggestions to the guys at bay 66 and hopefully they'll come up with something fun and use the space well. Here's that link to the pics of the aftermath

New addition at Epic. 

As the cold months are starting to descend upon us, I made a surprising discovery at Epic recently. The latest addition to the park is a well stocked bar!
The bars got more pump than your average ass showing blader, OK it's got two. Pump No. 1's currently rocking Stella, Staropramen, and Leffe whereas on 2 you have XXXX (due to be replaced by Lowenbrau), Tetleys and a surprise guest drink for the very near future. There's also a well stocked fridge, Beer glass cooler (bling) and an assortment of crisps and nobby's nuts. No pork scratchings though - poor.
With the opening of Bristol new indoor park and bar. I feel a new skatepark sport could soon be starting. It won't be blading, riding or even skating - it'll be called drinking. The idea being you go down the park get absolutely guttered and talk about how rad and crazy you are!!! fucking great. Conversations starting with 'I pulled 9 pints of Leffe last night would be enough to make you an instant legend. Or if you wanted, you could get wasted and talk about whipping at 12ft out of a 4ft quarter. Freestyle beer drinking, it's the future.
For 'real' street riders wishing to partake there's always the park bench or subway ledge.