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Passion Issue 9

passion_issue9_cover.jpgPassion Issue 9 is now available to download. Homer has came up trumps again with another good issue. Either click the image above or use the link below to download.

New Federal Pivotal Seat & Post Range


New Profile Racing (US) website

40th_profile_retro_email.jpgThe new redesigned Profile Racing website ( is officially up and open. Profile celebrates its 40th Anniversary this year and visitors to will find elements of Profile’s automotive speed shop heritage woven into the site’s pages.

New to the website are updated team pages, a video archive with a larger playback screen, revamped products page with weights & detailed product descriptions and how-to pages. The outline border throughout the site is actual vintage hotrod magazine pages from 1968.

Segment Brian Foster T-shirt

dsc_0017.JPGSegment Clothing introduce ‘Creative Influence’ series…

Brian Foster - out of respect for Brian’s riding ability, style, longevity and out right creativity, we at Segment [and more so, Segment team rider, Scott Edgworth (isn’t he an actor now?!!) decided to run the ‘Creative Influence’ tee.

An absolute influence to the whole Segment team….

Fixed gear london party

Ted by GregWell its more a launch for their range of limited edition tshirts that they’ve had various artists do, some quite well known. There will be bikes on display, including a charge fixie along with their own creations, a selection of large prints of fixed riders. Some of the stuff will be for sale including a swanky gold vivalo and of course the shirts. There’ll be alot of drinking and some riding going on and maye an after event, event. Its at a shoe shop called Gloria’s just off the main brick lane in that truman bruary bit that’s usally heaving with the eastend hipster ensamble in the summer, directly across from the new rough trade shop. Pop along have a laugh, buy something to help them pay the rent. On the 14th thats the thursday, evening valentines day.See fixed gear London for details

Cadence Clothing From new york. Its getting pretty close innit.

I know this is an bmx site so here’s a plug for a 82gram peg that exposure are gonna be producing in the near future, it does work ive seen them in action and id have thought ali would stick horribly but it glides just fine, obviously i dont think its the one for grinding brick ledges, but rails coping & smooth ledges

Photographer - Richard Homer

Following on from Craig Tulls short Q&A last week, next up is Homer from BCBMX and Passion.

Who are you and where are you from?
Im Richard Homer or Homer or Brian Tumma depending on who you are and I’m a 25 year old Brummie from a town called Stourbridge in the Midlands.


Rider owned

Crucialbmx is literally a stones throw from Dean Lane skatepark (although more like a bottle down there). Run by Scott and Maria, here’s a look around…



Photographers websites has been updated recently, along with a new look to I’ve been checking out these guys sites too,, and They all feature some nice bmx imagery amongst other good photography.

Simple Session Results

Garret Reynolds took home the gold, with Gary Young taking silver. Daniel Dhers from Venezuela came third. Garret Reynolds also won Snickers bmx 180 long jump flying 8.5 meters.

Here are the top 3 qualifiers. Finals are coming online tomorrow.

1st BMX qualifier - Garret Reynolds

2nd BMX qualifier - Daniel Dhers

3rd BMX quailfier - Scotty Cranmer


You might have seen on various other sites the future of Southbank is in jeapardy and the petition to save it. In response to the uncertain future of the South Bank, the film ‘Save Southbank’ has been made.

There is a premier at the Prince Charles Cinema, 7 Leicester Place (Leicester Square tube) on the 7th of February at 7.45pm.

Entry is free, but you must get a ticket from Slam City Skates. No tickets will be given out on the evening.

Slam City Skates
16 Neals Yard
020 7240 0928

You can also sign the petition at:


More new sites

As I type this, Adi is putting the finishing touches and ironing out some gremlins from the new look TWOAND8 site we’ve been working on. There’s still more to come, but there is plenty to check out


streetphire dot co dot uk

H-Man just told me of the new look StreetPhire website. Looks good. nice and fresh hit it up!


f15teen BMX/Art Magazine

Here is the premier issue of, an online BMX/Art magazine. In this issue are interviews with Harrison Boyce, film maker Steve Olphin and photographer Chris Hill-Scott, plus various other contributions and videos.


Ride It Winter Jam

The webpage for the Ride It Winter Jam is now live (more details of the jam in a an earlier post).

Photographer - Craig Tull

If photography forums isn’t your thing, then you probably don’t visit Homer’s ever growing Passion website. There’s ton of good photos on there from some talented photographers. I’ve always been into Craig Tull’s work, so take and look and see what he’s got to say.


Ride It Winter Jam 08

rideit_winter_jam_160208_11.jpgMore Eastern European contests, this one in Latvia. The RIDE IT Wintejam 08 is on the 16th of february in The Cinema Studio Of Riga (Latvia).

A new park will be built (sketches are in the add) and there will be BMX, Sk8board, and MTB competitions, BMX flatland jam, Snow and Ski jam (sketches are in the add).

The afterparty will take place in 2 large halls, with DJ and VJ show, and you will be able to relax in Chill-out hall.

There is a website here:, although the contest page isn’t up yet. Alternatively, get in touch with Murgonis, one of the organisers.


FBM Pivotals and 5’s with Tom Blyth



Dig issue 62 is out now and has Lino’s writeup about the 2hip uk trip from september. I missed the deadline by 2hrs apparently so my text’ll end up on the dig site at somepoint. We were at Cantelowes the other day and we were talking about whether they’d actually have printed it. I was’nt so sure and said “but what about the bit where i talk about that skatepark as though its an underage girl and we take her up the pooper”, only to turn round and see a family with a young girl of about 8 standing right behind me. The skaters opened the gate for us Peado’s to leave.


Nang is also out now with Jenkins’s sexy packaging graphics, through 4 down, a new trailer is up on Defgrip . Its worth it just for the last clip in the end titles. I wanna know what happened to all the pictures of us as kids going on the sleeve.

Oh Wow

To square thing off i’ll end with the real news that’ll rock the bmx fraternaty to the core, i quit Madera.

i know i know im weepy too.

Scott Edgworth Segment web video

Filmed during the ‘late’ summer months by Dan Dolan at various trails spots throughout the UK [Alianos, Chertsey and Melbourn]…

Murray update

Martin has posted a big update about Stephen over on the bmxtalk website. There is a direct link here to read it.

Ride issue 111

ride_uk_111_news.jpgWell here is the new issue of Ride Mag and a 20 stair tailwhip! Read more about the issue here

Latest Freecaster vids

freecaster_1.jpg freecaster_2.jpg


11.jpgDamn junk mail filter, anyway just found this email:

“My name is ted van orman from (michigan, usa), ive produced a 28pg bmx magazine called (Life?).

Set up like a photo annual documenting underground bmx all over the usa and beyond
in the form of trail riding, street and cement

I have it available in the Uk through and in France through the

you can view my work on my blog @

BMX on Topgear

Bas Keep on Sunday’s Topgear…

YouTube Direkt