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another one down on the tally

Yeah its 2009.My mum put up a collage of embarrasing old family photo’s for the christmas period. Here’s me on my old putch with a sweet presstuded crosbrace pad and some great shorts. Somethings never change.

I had an awesome new years starting with the new pa/catty woods dvd coming through the letter box. I watched about 10 minutes of it and had to go riding in the 2 degree weather on the frozen jumps but no one was on it so we started drinking a bit too early, watching the vid 4 or so times whilst bouncing around town. Definitely got the party started. It came with a note that makes it sound like buying it was a charitable act but far from it. Proper party soundtrack, summer fun, a dedicated crew of people making incredible things out of mud and a zipline, all filmed  with love. POV

I woke up in an unfamiliar living room wrapped in one of their curtains and a huge hole burnt out of my beard then rode some private ply at dusk, still real drunk, on a borrowed bike. Cheers Halls.

Here’s a little vid i made wasting no footage of a daytrip i made with Al, Belcher, Ted ,and Juliet out to dagenham racetrack. 2hours there and back for 45 mins there in wind and 3degC. Pooped.

The jumps are coming along nicely. New recruits and new lines popping up.

Although the grrounds a bit hard right now.

DaggyChrimboDaytripper/PortritofWoolwichferry from Thomasa James on Vimeo.

Trails DVD’s

A couple of new trail DVD’s.


Trails is Shouting. Featuring the riding talents of Scott Edgworth, Darin Read, Matt Priest, Robin Fenlon, Arrash Saidi, Rikki Gunner and many more special guests. Filmed by DD Dolan in the Summer of 08 while on the Segment trails trip [with a few extra special sessions thrown in].

Only £5, or FREE with any Segment order.

”TRAILS IS SHOUTING” Trailer from Segment Clothing on Vimeo.

Prettyshady 5

Prettyshady 5. Featuring spots such as Peynier, Greoux, Chertsey, Cothill and riders such as Liam Eltham, Scott Edgworth, Dropsy, Aiden, Bob Hawton. The main video is 22 minutes with an hour or so of bonus stuff.

prettyshady, trails. from josephrobert on Vimeo.